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Smart Eating for Sports People on the Go

Junk Food and Performance

Professional athletes do not need to frequently follow "strict" diet plans however fueling effectively before and right after games and practices will help professional athletes make the most of performance, recovery and muscle development. Preferably, the meal eaten 2 and a half to 3 hours prior to events and practices need to be high in carbs with moderate protein and fat Posted in: Time to train it . Meals high in fat, fiber or protein eaten before activity can interfere with energy levels, slow down food digestion and cause an indigestion. Listed below are good junk food choices from common restaurants and general guidelines for when you're on the go.

Strategy Ahead

Pre- and post-training and event treats are crucial for athletes. They need to be consumed 10 to 40 minutes prior to activity and right away afterwards to top off energy stores, decrease muscle damage and enhance muscle development. Liquid solutions are perfect since they are rapidly digested, taken in and delivered to muscles. Be sure to carry these items with you together with water or milk and a shaker bottle. If shakes are not a choice, the dotFIT Breakfast Bars and other "sport" foods are hassle-free options with the perfect blend of nutrients for professional athletes to eat prior to and after activity. See Pre and Post-training Snacks to find out more. For long events (greater than an hour) or several games/practices, bring sports beverages (e.g.Gatorade) to offer additional energy, fluid and electrolytes. If you come to practice and have not eaten for a minimum of two hours, a sports consume will give you the fast energy you require for exercise and fluids to hydrate. The next time around, take a dotFIT sport food or make a liquid shake high in carbohydrates with some protein and consume it before practice or if needed, in the vehicle.

Great Junk Food Choices

Carbohydrates such as bread, potatoes, rice and pasta and items that are baked, grilled, stir-fried and steamed are good choices. Avoid deep fried foods, ice cream items, beans, spicy foods and abundant desserts before occasions and practices to avoid prospective digestion problems and decreased energy levels. Sample pre-event/training meals are revealed here (click on this link to download this menu as a PDF). Keep in mind, timing is everything-- when you're on the run, be sure you consume a high carbohydrate meal like those listed here 2 and a half to 3 hours prior to training and events. You can have a lot more flexibility to consume what you want, including fried foods and desserts at other meals.

Why your measurement outcomes might not be exactly what you anticipated as you develop muscle

Consistency and reliability are the secrets to making measurement results as accurate as possible. To help ensure this you were offered a "list" when you initially created your dotFIT Me Program. Tips such as taking weight and body fat measurements at the exact same time of day and under the exact same conditions, using the same method and scale, and having the exact same person take the measurements each time assists to lessen changes and take full advantage of accuracy in the measurement procedure. Following are some extra factors that might contribute to "non-expected" measurement outcomes: Not following your recommended supplement plan These recommendations were made to make sure the suitable level of nutrients to optimize your lean body mass (LBM) gains Correct supplements can guarantee feeding of new and current muscle while losing fat Specific formulas can increase your training intensity and cause greater bodybuilding stimulus Particular formulas can improve healing or avoid overtraining or a plateau Your resistance training program may not be appropriate An inaccurate body fat measurement might have been supplied at your last measurement. If this holds true, take the measurement once again to rule out any unexpected errors Various equipment was utilized to get the measurement Consistency is key. Aim to take measurements at the exact same time of day, in the same location using the exact same scale. Body fat measurements should be taken by the exact same person utilizing the very same method. This will get rid of any tester inconsistencies We suggest the use of skin fold calipers for their usage of physiological landmarks and capability to track small changes in body structure Some unpredicted element( s) in your eating or lifestyle has affected your weight and body fat considerably today. Try again tomorrow to see if there's any modification. If not, follow the program's feedback after each progress check to stay on track to your goal or set a new objective

If you're tracking weight just

You might be losing body fat while acquiring muscle at near an equivalent rate, leading to little change in weight. This is an advantage, so keep adding calories to your everyday consumption as recommended A short-term water change may have manipulated your weight

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